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Smile Design & Full-Arch Restoration

A perfect smile is about more than straight teeth. We help you achieve a balanced bite where your muscles are most relaxed. 

Initial Consult

During the initial consultation, we have a long discussion with a view to capturing the patient's medical history and understanding their reasons for and expectations from the treatment. We take intra- and extra-oral photos, diagnostic X-Ray, 3D scan of your mouth, and a CT scan of the entire jaw. We review options with the patient and set a plan in motion. 

Treatment Phase

Our treatment coordinator will walk you through the entire process, timeline, and financial impact before we start any procedure. Any major surgical process will be performed on a Monday morning. We will set up regular follow-up visits to closely monitor your recovery. This will continue beyond the final restoration to ensure you have a perfectly balanced bite. 

Treatment Outcome

A new smile is the beginning of the rest of your life. If you do not take proper care of your teeth, the symptoms that led to the original condition could re-appear. You will require more frequent hygiene visits (3 to 4 times a year) and during those visits would require special cleaning around the implants to kill any bacteria. 


A major lifestyle decision

Smile design is a major lifestyle decision for most patients. These procedures go beyond simple, single-unit implants. Full-arch restoration is a major surgical procedure. It will require significant commitment on your part to restore not only your oral health but also a beautiful smile. The path to full recovery is sometimes as long as over a year. During this time, you should closely follow all instructions by the doctor and meet them for regular clinical assessment. Once restoration is complete, you should schedule more frequent hygiene visits for periodontal maintenance through laser therapy. This will improve the health of your gums and ensure longevity of your implants. 

Key Considerations

​Not every patient is an ideal candidate for full-arch restoration. Thanks to incredible amount of advertisement by corporate dental chains, many patients view it as an easily attainable service. In our practice, the most frequent answer we give to patients is that they are probably not a good candidate, and that their treatment needs could often be fulfilled using more conservative treatment. 

The following are some of the questions to peruse as you consider this treatment path. 

  • Do you struggle to open or close your mouth? 

  • Do you have chronic migraine, jaw pain, or TMJ disorder? 

  • How much bone loss have you suffered already? 

  • How much of the existing jaw bone are you willing to sacrifice? 

  • Do you want a permanent restoration or one that you can take in and out? 

Know Your Options

All-on-four hybrids are not the only option available. The most commonly available solution for full-mouth restoration is all-on-four hybrid denture. Many patients consider this as their only option. This lack of understanding can often lead to an ill-advised choice. 

Hybrid denture is a procedure that aggressively removes bone to create space for two arches of denture. It is a streamlined process that might not be appropriate for all patients. It is important that you discuss all options with your doctor, especially if you have good bone in your mouth. Your natural bone is the one thing you do not get back once lost, and it is the primary determinant of options available to you. 

We have put together the decision tree below to help you assess the options available. 

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