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About one in three people suffer from some form of TMJ disorder (TMD). A neuro-muscular orthotic provides non-invasive treatment for TMD. 

Initial Consult

Patients reporting jaw pain or showing signs of heavy clenching are provided a high-level overview during the initial exam or hygiene check. Subsequently, we set up a consult to go over medical history and provide details on the treatment process. 

Treatment Phase

We provide BoNT / Botox treatment by appointment only. Schedule permitting, you can get treatment on the day of your consult. If not, we will strive to bring you in as soon as possible. 

Treatment Outcome

Treatment outcome includes noticeable pain relief within a day or two. Your muscles should be more relaxed and you should be on your way to pain-free living. Over time, you could observe some esthetic changes too. 


During the diagnosis of TMD, we consider the patient's detailed medical history. Based on history and physical exam findings, we try to understand if the patient suffers from night-time bruxism, jaw soreness, or morning headaches. We also inquire about any history of trauma, patient's personal habits, and diet. These help us understand if there are any reasons that aggravate TMD (e.g., frequent gum chewing, symptoms of depression or anxiety) and could lead to unconscious clenching. 

Botulinum Toxin (BoNT or "Botox", the popular trademarked name) can help reduce inflammation and relax the muscles whose hyper-activity causes TMJ discomfort. It is often the quickest path to pain relief, and is therefore an increasingly attractive choice as adjuvant therapy in patients with myofacial TMD. 

BoNT / Botox is injected into the affected head and neck muscles. It blocks nerve signals that cause muscle movements, essentially relaxing the muscles and reducing or eliminating facial pain. The injections take only a few minutes and remain active for up to three months after initial treatment. Patients should begin to see results from their treatment within three to five days following the procedure. 

After two to three treatments, many patients lose the habit with accompanies the repetitive grinding and clenching. By this time, they also notice considerable improvement of facial esthetics. 

Application of BoNT / Botox is an elective procedure that we provide two days per week – Wednesday and Thursday. Call or email us for an initial consult and fully transparent per-unit pricing for therapeutic application. Schedule confirmation requires a deposit. 

A common question of our patients is how many units of BoNT / Botox would be required. The graphic below provides an estimate. 

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